About Bell Jewellers


Customer Testimonials

It’s a great little shop, very helpful. I myself have been
in there many times and always come away very happy, they give you a good
service and are very fair and the work they do for you is good.


I've been visiting this jewellers shop for years now. They offer a very helpful and efficient service.
I've used them for watch battery replacement and silver jewellery repairs. Their workmanship is superb.
I also use this jewellers as my 'expert' on gold and precious stones jewellery. Whenever I need advice or some jewellery authenticating, I use Bell Jewellers every time.
I highly recommend them and although I've moved from Hounslow, Bell Jewellers are still my choice of independent jeweller.

Michael B

I needed a ring repaired urgently, no one around could provide a same day service. Until I found these guys. Who not only did it on the same day, the price they charged me was far the cheapest. Excellent work and friendly service.

Petey S

If you want an honest, excellent service for your jewellery needs, then take the time to visit Bells Jewellers. They are friendly and reliable. I have used them for over 5 years and highly recommend them to everyone. The items are reasonably priced and they will always try to accommodate your needs without trying to get something extra from you. Try them out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


I have used Bell Jewellers on many occasions and have found them to be friendly, helpful and very fair in their dealings. I would happily recommend them to anyone. They are a small business but totally genuine.


Bell Jewellers are very good at making or repairing jewellery and watches, also replacing watch batteries. They are five stars in my opinion, and I always go to them. Do not forget that they are also a manufacturing jewellers. They will make you anything out of precious metals and stones.

David B

Good service, affordable price, quick service, repairs in less than a week, not like others 4 to 6 week for repair with all the terms and conditions rubbish just to rip you off. Thank you. Bell Jewellers will look after you well, highly recommend!

Kunal R

Really nice jewellery with a wide selection of different styles. The lady that helped me was really friendly and gave me some good advice, I would definately recommend Bell Jewellers.

Tarah A

Great work, fantastic prices and not only got the work done to an amazing standard, but also within the time frame I required to be done in. To top it off, the people are amazing as well.

Chaudry F